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Launching the training program on security and safety

Launching Training Program on Security and Safety in Sanaa, the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority organized a training program on security, safety, fire prevention, first aid, and evacuation methods, under the slogan “Hand in Hand to Protect the Authority’s Employees and Sectors from Risks.”

The training program, which lasts for two months, aims to provide the participants from the Authority’s employees and its various sectors with basic knowledge and skills on how to deal effectively with emergency situations and ensure their safety from any accidents that occur anywhere and at any time through life-saving technologies.

During the inauguration, which was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Authority- Raed Jabal, the  Asst.  Deputy Chairman of the Aviation Safety Sector- Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Talib, the directors of the Institute of Civil Aviation and Meteorology- Dr. Naji Al-Sohmi, Civil Aviation Security- Abdul Moneim Al-Khaiwani, Financial Affairs- Mohammad Al-Sabri, Administrative Affairs- Mohammad Al-Nofa, and a number of the Authority's officials, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAMA- Dr. Mohammad Abdulkader stressed the importance of the safety training program, as the Authority’s work is to maintain the safety of aviation, passengers, and workers in the field of civil aviation in general, and thus pay attention to safety in the field of work.

He also said:  "The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) focuses with great attention on achieving safety, and there are eight basic elements for achieving safety established by the international organization because of their importance in maintaining the safety of aviation and passengers."

He explained that the Civil Aviation Authority has executed more than one hundred training programs in the field of civil aviation safety management and meteorology due to their importance in maintaining the safety of aviation, passengers and workers in the field of civil aviation.

Dr. Abdulkader also stressed the importance of the training program and the participation of all cadres in the Civil Aviation Authority, technicians, administrators and professionals working in the field of civil aviation and meteorology.

He urged everyone to benefit from the training program because of its up-to-date information to learn about the basic rules in dealing with safety, security, and emergency situations in general.

For his part, the Director of the Safety Department in the Aviation Safety Sector,- Ali Al-Matari, pointed out that the program contains a wide range of topics designed to enhance the capabilities of the Authority’s employees and their response to emergency situations.

He also said: "All types of risks will be identified and dealt with professionally to avoid risks from any sudden and emergency incidents."

For his part, the Director of Security of CAMA-Ahmed Al-Husseini, indicated that the program contains several awareness courses and seminars, all of which focus on safety and security and how to deal with them before any disasters occur, God forbid.

In turn, the Deputy Director of Security of the Authority- Hafez Al-Obaidi pointed out the importance of security and safety in light of life that is full of challenges and risks. He also said: “The elements of security and safety remain the most important priorities necessary to avoid any risks.

They are the keys to living freely,  comfortably and preserving life and public properties


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