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Inspecting Damages at Hodeidah International Airport and Reviewing Its Rehabilitation Plans

On 20th February 2023, The Minister of Transport- Abd Al-Wahhab Yahya Al-Durra, and the Minister of Telecommunications- Misfer Al-Numeir, and the Governor of Hodeidah- Mohammed Quhaim, were briefed on the damages incurred to Hodeidah International Airport as a result of the aggression’s bombing, getting it out of service eight years ago.

Al-Durrah, Al-Numeir and Quhaim, along with the first deputy governor of the governorate- Ahmed Al-Bishri, the Chairman of the Red Seaports Corporation- Captain/ Mohammed Abu Bakr Ishaq, and the Chairman of the General Authority for Transportation Affairs- Walid Al-Wadaei, inspected the airport’s infrastructure, which was completely destroyed. They listened from Ahmed Tarish- Director General of the airport to an explanation about the overall damages in the terminals, the airport tower and the runway.

They were also briefed on the volume of the damages and the ugliness of the systematic targeting of the airport terminals, service facilities, and the navigational operating systems, and they listened to an explanation from the engineers of the Civil Aviation Authority about the needs for re-maintenance and operation of the airport and the execution plan.

During the visit, they were also briefed on the plans and technical designs for the rehabilitation plan for Hodeidah International Airport, which were reviewed by the relevant engineering and technical team, and the requirements and needs to start preparing the execution of the works at the airport.

The Minister of Transport also stated that the visit comes as a translation of the directives of the Revolutionary Leadership and the Supreme Political Council to review and evaluate the needs of re-maintaining Hodeidah International Airport, and the plan that was prepared by the engineers of the Civil Aviation Authority to rehabilitate and operate the airport.

He pointed out that the work will begin on the maintenance and rehabilitation project to restore the operation of the airport and restore its activity and services, pointing out that the destruction and hatred of this important vital facility is a crime against humanity.

The Minister- Al-Durra stressed that restoring the airport's activity represents a challenge due to the exorbitant costs it requires in light of the conditions of the current stage. However, this has become an urgent necessity because it serves the people of Al-Hodeidah Governorate and many neighboring governorates with a large population density, in addition to the fact that the Airport is the first cargo airport in the Republic.

While the Minister of Telecommunications indicated that the visit and inspection of Hodeidah airport aims to plan what will be restored with regard to the telecommunications sector in terms of modern infrastructure that relies on the optical fiber network and 4G, stressing the work alongside with the Ministry of Transport and the local authority in Hodeidah to rehabilitate the airport.

For his part, the Governor of Hodeidah affirmed that the airport's infrastructure maintenance work will begin soon, indicating that the local authority in the province is working with all efforts to execute the projects to restore the infrastructure for the service sectors that were affected by the aggression.

Meanwhile, they were accompanied by the Vice President of the Red Sea Ports Corporation- Zaid Al-Washali, Deputy DG of the airport for Technical Affairs-  Muhyiddin Al-Dimashqi, Directors of Public Works Ministry-  Mohammed Muthanna,  Telecommunications Corporation Branch- Ali Makki and his Deputy- Mohammed Al-Mutawakil, Deputy Director of the Transport Authority Branch- Noman Al-Darwani, and Director of the Investment Department in the Governorate- Zaid Al-Rumaima.


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