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Inauguration of First Sports Olympiad For Ministry of Transport And CAMA Employees

CAMA inaugurated on 7th December 2021 the first Mini-Sports Olympiad organized by the authority under the slogan “Towards Achieving  Healthy Mind in Healthy Body”. The Olympiad, which will run until the end of December, with the participation of a number of employees of the Ministry of Transport, CAMA and its different sectors, aims to pay attention to health through sports exercises and the development of physical and mental abilities in chess, billiards, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and swimming.The Chairman of the CAMA- Dr. Mohammad Abdulkader stressed the importance of organizing sports activities that contribute to the development of technical and professional capabilities and preserve human health. He also pointed out that the Mini-Olympiad aims to enhance competition between the players in the mentioned games and to develop work's areas in the technical and professional aspects of the authority and its different sectors.


 In the inauguration in the presence of the Deputy chairman of CAMA- Raed Jabal, the Chairman of the Sports Committee in the Ministry of Transport and CAMA- Naji Al-Moraqab indicated that the Olympics is attended by a number of the Ministry of Transport and CAMA's employees and their sectors.  The inauguration was attended by the Director General of the Civil Aviation Club- Lutf Al-Therah.


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