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Honoring of Airports’ Sector Mechanic, Technical Procurements and Electricity Engineers

Engineers of Mechanic, Technical Procurements and Electricity of Airports’ Sector. During the ceremony that was attended by Mr. Ameen Juma’an- Director Gen. of Airports’ Sector and Directors General, the Chairman of CAMA praised the efforts of the engineers and their exceptional role during the last years, their steadfastness in their work and success in manufacturing local spare parts for the equipment and vehicles which enhanced the readiness of Sana’a International Airport and the facilities of the Airports’ Sector. 

In turn, the Asst. Deputy Chairman of the Sector praised the importance of such honoring as an appreciation for the efforts of the engineers, their steadfastness and resolution since they are the anonymous soldiers who had proved that there is nothing impossible in front of the Yemeni cadres determination. On the other hand, the Director General of the Sector- Mr. Juma’an appreciated the role of the engineers’ efforts and resolution in the different conditions. He also highly praised the unlimited support of the Chairman of CAMA and the Asst. Deputy Chairman of the Sector.

After that, the Chairman of CAMA together with the Asst. Deputy Chairman of the Sector distributed certificates of appreciation to the engineers as well as honoring the Chairman of CAMA with the Sector’s Shield.         



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