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Higher Committee For Combating Epidemics Approves Medical Examination of All Arrivals to Yemen Without Exception

Dr. Hussein Maghbouli, approved the medical examination procedure for all the arrivals to Yemen without exception, including the missions of the International Organizations and the United Nations. The meeting, in the presence of the Minister of Health- Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakil, Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami, Endowments- Mr. Najeeb Al-Aji, Water- Mr. Nabil Al-Wazir, Local Administration- Mr. Ali Al-Qaisi, Higher Education- Mr. Hussein Hazeb, Deputy Minister of Information- Mr. Fahmi Al-Yousifi, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Humanitarian Affairs Administration and Coordination- Mr. Abdul Mohsen Tawoos and the Joint Technical Committee to prepare for the confrontation of Corona, based on the Decision of the Minister of Health regarding the emergent epidemiological global developments of the new Corona virus.

The decision included the application of the quarantine procedures upon the arrival of all the arrivals from outside Yemen without any exception whether "Yemenis or non-Yemenis" through the air, sea and land ports which included filling of the passenger card and the examination of fever. The decision also included the application of the domestic quarantine for a period of fourteen days to those arriving from (12) countries so far “China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Emirates, the United States of America, Palestine and France.” According to the decision, the Joint Technical Committee has the right to add any country in accordance with the developments of the epidemiological situation in it, and it also has the right to place any suspected cases in the quarantine according to its authority and the relevant authorities shall take executive actions to implement this decision for the public interest.

The meeting stressed the importance of taking precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus, allocating a budget for this, and supporting the Ministry of Health to play its role in equipping isolation centers and rehabilitating health personnel. It was also emphasized that the ministries of Health, Information and Endowments shall intensify awareness through the different media, social media, platforms and Counselors about the risks of the Corona virus and ways to prevent it. The meeting listened to the proposals of the Joint Technical Committee to confront Corona, which includes allocating a budget of one billion Riyals to confront the virus, and to furnish the Governorates in cooperation with the Ministry of Health with the isolation centers in anticipation of any emergency, and to enhance cooperation and coordination between the various authorities to counter this virus.

Dr. Maghbouli stressed the importance of such meeting to discuss the precautionary measures for the purpose of confronting the Corona virus, praising the coordination and exchange of information between the Ministries of Health and Transport and its Sectors in taking precautionary measures at the different ports. Meanwhile, he urged the Ministries of Health, Information and Endowments to intensify awareness among the citizens to prevent Corona virus, stressing on the need for everyone to fulfill their responsibilities to protect the country of diseases and epidemics.

On his part, the Minister of Health- Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakil praised the efforts of the Joint Technical Committee and its readiness to confronting the Corona virus by taking the precautionary measures to confront such virus. He said: "Yemen has not recorded any suspected case or confirmed infection with the Corona virus until today", but we must mobilize and take precautionary measures to confront this virus in cooperation with the various agencies and sectors." The Minister Al-Mutawakil stressed the necessity of checking all the arrivals to Yemen, pointing to the importance of the house quarantine for the arrivals who did not show symptoms of the virus, while the institutional isolation of cases suspected of being infected with the virus and showing mild symptoms, while those who have confirmed symptoms are shall be taken to the hospital.

He also stressed the importance of expanding the numbers of rapid response teams, as the arrivals through the land ports are in thousands, which require providing capabilities for these teams to carry out their role, training the cadres, preparing and supporting the quarantine centers at Sana'a International Airport, other ports, equipping hospitals with medicines. In turn, Al-Shami- Minister of Transport reviewed the efforts implemented by the ministry in its various authorities and the precautionary measures that were taken in the land, air and sea ports. The Minister of Local Administration- Al-Qaisi also stressed on the importance of involving the international organizations to provide support to confront the virus, indicating the need for good preparation and the allocation of the budget to confront it. The Minister of Endowments and the Deputy Minister of Information- Al-Youssoufi indicated the readiness to intensify the awareness through the various media means and platforms about the seriousness of the virus, ways to prevent it and the importance of maintaining personal and public hygiene.

In the meantime, The Minister of Water stressed on the need to examine all the arrivals to Yemen without exception and the importance of raising awareness of methods of preventing the virus. While the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs indicated the need of examining all the arrivals to Yemen in the air, sea and land ports, and the support of the Ministry of Health in preparing quarantines and isolation centers.


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