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First Consultative Meeting on Weather and Climate Early Warning System Is Held

, discussed the importance of preparing for the early warning system and remote sensing of the hazards of weather and climate change and its main elements, causes and knowledge of natural disasters resulting from weather and climate. The participants reviewed the mechanism of coordination and cooperation with the relevant partners for early warning and the needs and requirements necessary for it and how to publish and communicate to warn the community in advance to preserve the lives and public properties.

At the meeting, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Mr. Raid Taleb, stressed on the importance of strengthening and developing the partnership in the field of weather meteorology, early warning system and remote sensing. He also explained that all segments of society are in dire need of awareness and education on the concept of weather and climate change, especially the economic and industrial segment, such as farmers, investors and industrial companies.

In turn, the Assistant Deputy Chairman for Meteorology Sector- Eng. Mohammed Hamid praised the FAO's support to the Meteorological Sector by providing it with land and marine weather meteorological stations. He explained the importance of cooperation and coordination between the meteorological sector and the relevant authorities, pointing that the early warning system is of great importance to preserve people's lives and properties and reduce the occurrence of natural disasters caused by weather and climate change.

Meanwhile, speeches were delivered at the meeting stressing on the need for cooperation and coordination to develop the early warning system, indicating the readiness to provide research and scientific studies and services in the field of early warning and remote sensing.


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