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First Commercial Flight Depatrs From Sanaa International Airport to Amman

Today, on 16th May 2022, the first civilian commercial flight via Yemenia Airways took off from Sanaa International Airport, heading to the Jordanian capital, Amman, according to the truce announced by the United Nations.

The first commercial flight carried 137 passengers after a six-year of blockade imposed by the US-Saudi aggression coalition, without a legal justification and in violation of all the international agreements and conventions.

Most of the passengers who left Sanaa airport have chronic diseases, whose treatment in national hospitals has been hindered due to the lack of devices, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and necessary health supplies that were destroyed by the aggression over the course of eight years.

In a press conference held today at Sanaa Airport, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Raed Jabal, said: "After a long wait, Sana'a International Airport received the Yemeni Airways flight within the terms of the humanitarian truce announced by the United Nations in early April, which was expected to operate two flights per week for a period of two months. ".

He also expressed his deep regret that a month and a half had passed, and none of the 16 commercial flights that were scheduled in accordance with the humanitarian truce had been operated, noting that the first flight departed today to the Queen's  Alia Airport in Amman, carrying 137 passengers, and it will return to Sana'a with 60 passengers.

Jabal confirmed that the Yemeni plane was received, in accordance with the international safety standards that are in force in all international airports, which confirms the technical and professional readiness of Sanaa Airport to receive all commercial and civil flights.

He called on the United Nations to continue operating the commercial flights and to compensate the Yemenis for the flights that did not operate during the first month of the armistice.

He also called on the United Nations and the concerned authorities in the field of civil aviation and the humanitarian side to open Sanaa airport on an ongoing basis to the Yemeni people without any restrictions or conditions.

In the meantime, the Director of Sana'a International Airport- Khaled Al-Shayef, reiterated the airport's readiness to receive flights and passengers in accordance with the international standards and conditions.

He said: "In response to the questions about the return of only 60 passengers from Amman on the first flight, we would like to clarify that on the previous date of the flight that was scheduled on April 24th, about 150 passengers were in Amman, and when it was canceled they felt great frustration, and now there are only 60 passengers left in Amman." .

A number of passengers expressed their satisfaction with the operation of the commercial and civil flights from Sana'a International Airport, stressing that closing it is a violation of the Yemenis' right to freedom of movement and travel


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