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Executive Unit of Ministry of Transport Discusses Ministry’s Plan for Year 2021
The Executive Unit of the National Vision in the Ministry of Transport headed by Eng. Natheer Al-Duba’ai discussed on 1st march 2021 the procedures of the executive plan of the Ministry for the second phase 2021- 2025. The meeting in the presence of the Committee’s members reviewed the assessment reports of the technical unit for following up and assessing the execution of the national vision and looking at the evaluation standards during the third and fourth quarter of the first phase 2019-2020. 
Meanwhile, Al-Duba’ai stressed on the importance of executing the second phase of the national vision for building the new state of Yemen, following up the authorities and corporations that belong to the Ministry and submitting the reports of what have been achieved. He also pointed out that the second phase of the national vision will work on the path of modernizing and developing the different sectors of transport. 


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