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editorMinistry of Transport’s Technical Committee Discusses Precautionary Measures to Combat Coronavirus Pandemic

discussed on 11th April 2020 the precautionary measures in accordance with the plan approved by the High Supreme Ministerial Committee of Combating Epidemics particularly at the land ports.  

During such meeting, the Minister of Transport stressed on the importance of working as one team spirit and bearing the responsibility towards such pandemic. He also stressed on the necessity of exerting much more efforts to execute the decisions issued by the Supreme Committee of Combating Epidemics to fight the Virus.

Meanwhile, the Minister- Al-Shami clarified that the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities and Corporations is working together with the Ministry of Health and the concerned authorities at all the ports to execute all the precautionary measures to combat the Virus, stressing on the importance of cooperating with the concerned authorities by intensifying the efforts and focusing on enhancing control on the ports.          


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