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Discussion Seminar in International and Humanitarian Law Is Convened in Sana'a

The works of the (International and Humanitarian Law - The Law of War) Seminar organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross in cooperation with the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were begun in Sana'a . The Two-Day Seminar, with the participation of a number of leaders of CAMA, aimed to introduce the International Committee of the Red Cross, i.e. its inception and tasks, as well as introducing the International Humanitarian Law, its historical development, scope of application and relationship between it and human rights law, and to introduce the categories covered by the protection of humanitarian law, the main protection provisions and the places covered by the protection of international humanitarian law mechanisms for respecting the international law rights and the preventive, supervisory and disciplinary mechanisms. At the opening of the Seminar, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Mr. Raed Talib Jabal, pointed out to the importance of such Seminar, as it sheds light on the definition of International Humanitarian Law and contributes to raising awareness among CAMA’s employees about this Law, especially when we are in a conflict and aggressive targeting zone, pointing out that despite the aggression and targeting that is exposed to our Homeland by directly targeting the infrastructure of the airports by the aggression coalition, but we are committed to the international laws and respecting them, wishing the International Committee of the Red Cross to intensify these seminars and workshops on the other side of the aggressor being the most aggressive and the most violating of international laws, norms and human rights in general.The Deputy Chairman praised all the efforts made to organize this Seminar, praising the constructive and fruitful cooperation between CAMA, the Diplomatic Institute and the International Committee of the Red Cross in raising the knowledge and experiences of civil aviation and meteorological employees in accordance with international laws and norms, stressing on the benefit as much as possible from everything that will be presented at the Seminar.In turn, the Dean of the Diplomatic Institute- Dr. Ahmed Al-Emad indicated that the Seminar is rich in knowledge communication, distinguished and objective discussion between the Diplomatic Institute and CAMA’s personnel, as they represent the air window of the country in its various airports and as they are the first to be affected by the aggression and violations, stressing that the Seminar will contribute to raising the awareness and enhancing culture and knowledge of the International Humanitarian Law, because of its importance in communicating with the international organizations based on that law, pointing out that CAMA is one of the institutions that has proven its efficiency and has been able to maintain its strength despite the aggression, blockade and scarcity of capabilities. For his part, the Vice President of the International Committee of the Red Cross Delegation in Sana'a- Mr. Alexander Ikoy, reviewed the tasks of the International Committee of the Red Cross as an independent, non-governmental and neutral organization active in providing humanitarian aid to victims of war and armed violence, searching for missing persons, visiting prisoners of war and civilian detainees and transmitting messages between families and children of those displaced by military conflicts and wars, in addition to providing food and medical treatment to civilians affected by these conflicts.


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