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Discussion of Technical Bureau Assessment for Transport’s Sector National Vision

The main Executive Unit for the National Vision of Building the Modern State in the Ministry of Transport discussed in its meeting on 27th February chaired by the Minister of Transport- Zakaria Al-Shami the Technical Bureau Assessment for the national vision and what have been achieved during the last period in the Transport’s Sector.  

It discussed the implementation progress of the projects and activities included in the second phase plan in the authorities and corporations of the ministry and the patterns for analyzing the current condition of the ministry and its affiliated authorities and corporations. The Minister of Transport also stressed on the importance of working on the methodology of the plans and programmes that were prepared during the current year, following up and assessing what have been achieved. He pointed out the projects of the ministry and its different sectors (land, sea and air) are strategic developmental projects of great importance, stressing keenness to develop and modernize the transport’s areas during the next phase.    


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