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Discussing Strategic Projects Matrix For Civil Aviation Authority

The Board of Directors of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority discussed in its meeting on  25th May 2022 in Sana’a, chaired  by the Minister of Transport- Abdulwahab Yahya Al-Durra, the strategic projects matrix and the mechanism for their implementation and development in accordance with the authority’s strategic plan 2021-2022 in the fields of civil aviation and meteorology.

The meeting reviewed the investment projects included in CAMA’s plan for the years 2021-2025, the national vision for building the modern Yemeni state in its second phase, and the current situation according to the directions and guidelines for the vision, which contributes to the advancement of civil aviation and meteorology locally and internationally.

The meeting, in the presence of members of the authority’s board of directors, also discussed the technical and professional aspects and mechanisms of the organizational restructuring of the authority according to the global developments and in accordance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

At the meeting, the Minister of Transport stressed on the importance of completing the strategic projects of the highest priority in the field of civil aviation and meteorology in order to meet the ambitions and provide the navigation services at the best level in order to enhance their professionalism in accordance with the conditions and requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, despite the circumstances the country is going through.

He also pointed out to the importance of completing the  organizational structure draft of the authority in accordance with the local laws, regulations and international standards that keep pace with the developments and the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Minister Al-Durra affirmed the interest in training, rehabilitation, capacity development and setting a qualitative plan in the technical and professional fields, and giving it the highest priority, given that CAMA's work nature is technical and professional in order to enable it keeping pace with the international developments.

He also pointed to the interest and keenness of the Supreme Political Council in the field of civil aviation and meteorology and work to provide all the facilitations for the development of this vital and important sector in a way that meets the ambitions and provides distinguished air navigation services during the next stage.

 In turn, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Raed Jabal reviewed the priority projects in the sectors of meteorology, aviation security and safety, and air navigation, in a way that enhances the development of the civil aviation field.

He also stressed on the professionalism of the authority's work in order to provide its air navigational services at the best level in accordance with the terms and requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

He explained that despite the aggression and siege, CAMA provides its air navigation services to civil aviation and is working to develop its professional sectors.

Jabal indicated that CAMA has qualified professional technical cadres in all sectors, which would develop the work and provide the services in the air navigation and civil aviation.


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