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Discussing Reasons for Return of Yemen Airways Flight to Cairo Airport After Takeoff

meeting required Yemen Airways and the Civil Aviation Authority to submit a comprehensive report within 48 hours on these reasons and drives, based on the directions of the President of the Supreme Political Council.

The Minister of Transport at the meeting, which included the leaders of Yemen Airways and the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Agency, stressed the need to include in the report of Yemen Airways represented by the Quality and Safety Department and the Civil Aviation Authority represented by Aviation Safety Sector all the technical, engineering and professional details of the Airbus 310 flight 609 before taking off from Cairo airport in addition to the condition of the aircraft, the extent of its airworthiness to fly and other details to find out what happened.

He also pointed to the keenness of the Ministry of Transport to provide the best services to passengers indicating that Yemeni Airways enjoys a good reputation and long experience in the field of air transport locally and internationally. He said: " our meeting is for clarifying and presenting the facts with all transparency and impartiality about what the incident that happened to Yemenia airplane, because such incident touches the lives of human beings that might have been lost".

In the meantime, the meeting discussed the difficulties that are faced by Yemen Airways in performing its professional, technical and administrative work and the humanitarian service it provides to the Yemeni citizens in the current circumstances due to the continued aggression and blockade.

The meeting was attended by the Yemen Airways Acting Chairman- Mr. Abdulmalik Motahar, Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader- Chairman of CAMA, Mr. Mohammed Al Sharif- Deputy Chairman of CAMA, Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Taleb- Asst. Deputy Chairman of Aviation Safety Sector and a number of specialists from Yemen Airways.


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