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Discussing Projects of Main Executive Unit of Transport’s Sector

The Main Executive Unit of Transport’s Sector convened a meeting on 13th June 2021 headed by the Minister of Transport- Amer Al-Marani in which they discussed the work progress of the Unit and the achievements that were accomplished in the programs, activities and projects of the transport’s sector and their execution mechanism for the 2nd phase of the National Vision for the current year.

The Unit, in the presence of the Head and Members of the Executive Unit, reviewed the projects that were approved within the 2nd Phase Plan of the transport’s sector vision’s matrix for the land, Air and Marine Sectors which included the execution of 55 projects distributed on 75 activities. The meeting also reviewed the major difficulties that are facing the Unit during the 1st quarter of the current year and means of tackling them.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport stressed the keenness of the ministry to follow up the concerned authorities to solve the obstacles, affirming the importance of following up the authorities and corporations of the ministry to execute the projects of the 2nd phase of the National Vision 2021.

The Minister- Al-Marani pointed out to the importance of the transport’s sector projects on the local, regional and international levels, indicating to the importance of modernizing and developing the transport’s sectors, supporting, facilitating and executing their different projects. 



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