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Discussing Priorities of the Projects of the Ministry of Transport plan For Year 1445 AH

A meeting was held on 5th of February 2023 at the Ministry of Transport, chaired by the Minister of Transport- Abdul Wahhab Al-Durra, discussed the priorities of the Ministry’s  projects plan and its affiliated authorities and corporations for the year 1445 AH, according to the determinants and guidelines of the national vision for building the state and its financing mechanisms.

The meeting, which included the Chairman of the Land Transport Regulatory Authority- Walid Al-Wadaei and the Red Sea Ports Corporation, via visual communication from Hodeidah- Captain/ Mohammed Ishaq and the main executive unit of the national vision in the ministry- Eng. Natheer Al- Dubaei, reviewed the execution level of the plan for the current year 1444 for the projects, activities and programs of the transport's different sectors in accordance with the available priorities and potentials that are self-financed by the authorities and corporations.

The meeting also addressed the projects plan with priority for the next year 1445, in implementation of the directives of the Revolutionary Leadership and the Supreme Political Council, and the directives issued by the Executive Office of the National Vision, in order to achieve positive results that address the necessary needs of citizens and alleviate the suffering according to the capabilities and resources, so that the cost of its programs and projects is within the scope of available financing opportunities.

The Minister of Transport also urged the authorities and corporations affiliated with the Ministry to expedite the identification of priority projects for the next year's plan so that they address the necessary needs and work to solve thevproblems in the various fields of transport and facilitate their execution according to the resources available to each authority.

He stressed the keenness to implement the directives of the Leader of the Revolution and the Supreme Political Council and tobabsorb them as priorities within the programs and work plans of the Ministry and its affiliated authorities and corporations.

In the meantime, the Chairman of the Seaports Corporation reviewed the projects and programs implemented by the Corporation with self-financing despite the scarcity of capabilities, stressing that the projects have been executed in the seaports of Hodeidah and Saleef which are of importance that contribute to the continuity of the work in the two seaports to provide marine navigational services as required.

He also explained that the corporation has projects that have top priorities, but they need significant support to provide advanced and high-tech navigation services, pointing to the continuation of communication with the United Nations Development Program to execute what they have committed to do in rehabilitating the seaport of Hodeidah.

In turn, the head of the executive unit of the national vision in the ministry stressed the necessity of prioritizing the plan for the projects of the different transport sectors and handing it over to the executive office on time.

He also pointed out the importance of focusing priorities on the qualitative and basic tasks of the ministry and aligning them with the priorities of previous years, while ensuring the ease and possibility of translating them into a program and projects that can be implemented.

The meeting was attended by heads and members of sub-units in the authorities and corporations affiliated with the Ministry of Transport.


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