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Discussing National Vision Plan Matrix For Transport Sector

A meeting was convened in Sana'a on 4th July 2021 headed by the Minister of Transport- Amer Al-Marani during which they discussed the matrix of the guidelines and instructions for the National Vision Second Phase Plan for building the new state in the various transport sectors. The meeting, in the presence of the head of the Main Executive Unit of the National Vision for the transport sector, Eng. Nazir Al-Doba'ai, and members of the executive unit, reviewed the report of the first half of the National Vision Executive Plan for the current year 2021, the projects and initiatives included in the national vision plan. During the meeting, the Minister of Transport stressed the importance of executing the projects, programs and activities for the land, marine and air transport sectors in a way that enhances the priorities and the tracks of the national vision for building the New Yemeni State and its strategic plan in all fields. He also pointed out that the plan of the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities and institutions in general is of a great importance in the life of the Yemeni society, as it is a service bearing a humanitarian face. The Minister- Al-Marani stressed the need to execute the projects that are included in the plan in accordance with the priority and economical importance, in addition to moving the national economy wheel, the importance of continuing work and implementing the daily activities to serve the citizens in parallel with the preparation and execution of the national vision's plans and programs. He urged the need for intensive efforts to execute the projects and initiatives included in the second interim plan 2021-2025 matrix.Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport instructed the necessity of continuous follow-up for the execution of the projects, activities and programs in a way that contributes to serving the citizen, alleviating his/her suffering and enhancing his/her steadfastness, in addition to rapidly tackling the deficiencies and overcoming the difficulties that impede implementation and submitting them first by first. At the meeting, the Head of the National Vision Executive Unit gave a detailed explanation of the accomplished projects of the National Vision for the first half of the year 2021, reviewing the difficulties that hindered the execution of some projects and activities.


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