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Discussing Mechanism For Executing Sanaa International Airport Projects

A meeting held on 24th October 2023 at Sanaa International Airport, headed by the Minister of Transport in the provisional government- Abdul Wahab Al-Durra, discussed the mechanism for executing the airport's projects included in the strategic plan of the Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology.

The meeting, which included the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAMA- Dr. Muhammad Abdulkader, the Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yemen Airlines- Khalil Jahaf, the Director General of the Airport- Khaled Al-Shayef, and a number of technical engineers at the Authority, reviewed the projects of importance to Sana’a Airport, including the main runway project and its maintenance needs, technical works, equipment, mechanisms, and maintenance and Aircraft apron.

He touched on the projects that were completed at the highest level in accordance with the international requirements regarding safety systems, aviation and passenger security, equipping VIP lounges, arrivals, departures, transit, and other projects.

At the meeting, Al-Durra also stressed the necessity of rapid completing of the technical and development work on the main runway for landing aircraft, noting on the Supreme Political Council’s interest in Sana’a International Airport as it is the first gateway to the Republic of Yemen.

He also appreciated the Authority's leadership's interest in Sana'a Airport through the implementation of projects and providing work needs and the air traffic and navigation movement of Yemeni Airlines flights, the United Nations flights, its affiliated organizations, and humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen.

In turn, the Chairman of the Board of Directors affirmed that the Authority has plans for strategic projects for the airport and needs support and financing, especially in the navigational systems and equipment that were destroyed by the aggression.

He also pointed out that the airport provides its air navigation services by Yemeni technical and professional expertise in accordance with the international conditions and requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


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