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Discussing Investment Regulations Draft of Civil Aviation And Meteorology Authority

A meeting was held on 26/12/2022 in CAMA's Head Office, chaired by Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader - Chairman of CAMA, to discuss the Investment Regulations Draft submitted by the Marketing and Investment Directorate General in CAMA. At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman of CAMA praised the efforts of the brothers in the Marketing and Investment Directorate General and their keenness to establish methodological foundations and rules to regulate the investment aspect in the civil aviation and meteorology sector in order to keep up with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization and what the leading countries have done in civil aviation.The Chairman of CAMA also stressed the keenness of CAMA's leadership and its interest in the investment aspect in the civil aviation and meteorological sector and activating it in a way that contributes to creating many investment opportunities, diversifying the sources of income, supporting the national economy and creating new job opportunities.



In turn, the Director General of Marketing and Investment at CAMA- Ashraf Shonif, indicated that the investment regulations aim to regulate the investment in the civil aviation sector in terms of procedures, terms of reference, conditions and guarantees, in order to ensure the organization of all the procedures related to the investment activities of CAMA.



During the meeting, the attendees were briefed with a short presentation of the most prominent contents of the Investment Regulations Draft for discussion and completion of their procedures' approval.


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