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Discussing Executive Plans for Phase II of National Vision at Ministry of Transport

The Main Executive Unit of the National Vision for transport’s sector chaired by the Head of the Unit- Eng. Natheer Al-Dua’ai discussed on 4th April 2021 the work progress in the executive plans and programmes for phase II of the National Vision 2021-2025. In the meeting that was attended by the members of the Executive Unit, recital for “Al-Fateha” was made on the soul of the Nation’s Decedent- Minister of Transport- Zakaria Al-Shami, stressing on adopting the Decedent’s path in executing the vision of the ministry for the year 2021 and working on developing it.    

The meeting also reviewed the positive results of the filed visit to Land Transport Affairs Regulatory Authority and submitting them to the National Vision Executive Bureau, in addition to the continuous field visits to the remaining authorities to look at the level of the plan’s execution for the year 2021 and solving the difficulties and obstacles that are facing the sub-units at the ministry’s facilities. Meanwhile, the meeting discussed the work paper that was submitted by the member of the unit for capacities building- Moein Bahaj aiming at improving the work’s performance of the unit in the next phase which will contribute in enhancing and developing the transport’s sectors.   


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