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Deputy Chairman of CAMA Stresses Importance of Developing Media Performance at Meteorology Sector

The Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Raed Jabal stressed on the importance of developing the media performance at Weather Meteorology Sector through organizing the media work, elevating the performance and providing highly effective and efficient media services to ensure publishing and providing the climate, weather and terrains information to all segments of society.

This statement came during his meeting with the media and publication officials and specialists in the Weather Meteorology Sector, in which they discussed the mechanism of developing the media work, publication policy and communication to ensure sending the warning and caution bulletins to the concerned authorities, citizens and communities of the different weather conditions prior to the occurrence of the predicted natural disasters in order to confront these disasters and taking the necessary responses which assist in protecting the lives and properties, in addition to affirming that the early warning and awareness of the climate hazards is a humanitarian priority.        

He also drew the attention to the necessity of expanding the range of exchanging and providing the official climate information by activating the official website of the Sector and social media platforms and working on redrafting and designing awareness messages of the different climate hazards on a continuous basis and publishing them in coordination with the different means of media through sending to them instructive messages on how to deal with the different conditions and cases of the weather to limit the rumors.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chairman stressed the importance of developing the performance in the Climate Studio to ensure updating the visual climate bulletins by the newest means of TV production and editing, affirming CAMA’s leadership keenness on providing special training to develop the cadres and raising their competency to keep up with the rapid developments in the climate and weather sciences. 


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