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Deputy Chairman of CAMA Reviews Work Progress at Meteorology Sector

, percentage of performance and the level of services provided by the Sector such as weather and climate observation during 24 hours, the method of receiving the information from the universal weather stations, analyzing the data and the superficial and upper maps in addition to determining the air masses and issuing the weather bulletin based on that.

He also inspected the national and international aerosphere and weather control systems by the satellites and visited the weather studio looking at the new systems and equipment in montage, graphics, lighting and audio through which the visual weather conditions bulletins is published. He praised the effortsexerted by the specialists and technicians in the field of weather meteorology to obtaining the weather information and providing them to all segments of society in the Republic of Yemen; indicating its importance in preserving the lives, properties and mitigating of accidents as a result of climate, terrain and winds change. 

In the meantime, he drew the attention to the importance of the services provided by the Sector in the economic development, its boom and encouraging the investment in the agricultural and commercial fields, etc…which will push the wheel of the national economy toward the best.


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