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Deputy Chairman of CAMA Reviews Training Process Progress at Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute

The Deputy Chairman- Mr. Raed Jabal visited  the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute to look at the overall activities and programs that are being executed at the Institute. He stressed on the importance of developing the training curricula and upgrading the training process at the institute in line with the international requirements, praising the level of performance and achievement that the institute reached in the training and qualification process in the field of civil aviation and meteorology and the modern equipment that the institute was provided with, in a positive step that the leadership and cadres of the institute deserves praise and appreciation.The agent expressed the Authority’s leadership’s aspiration for the Institute of Civil Aviation and Meteorology to be a model in developing the training process for the authority’s cadres, competing with developed countries with their curricula and qualifying the cadres capable of building and comprehensive development. The commission’s deputy heard from the dean of the institute, Dr. Naji al-Sohmi, an explanation of the training course according to the plans and studies that had been prepared. Al-Sohmi indicated that the institute provides training services in accordance with the international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), through a training staff with international experience and modern, technically, professionally and administratively advanced curricula. He pointed out that the institute’s plans in the field of training and qualification have been drawn up during the next phase in a way that contributes to enhancing and developing the field of civil aviation and meteorology, praising the interest of the authority’s leadership at the Aviation Institute and supporting training and rehabilitation efforts.


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