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President Al-Mashat: Opening Sanaa Airport and Hodeidah Seaport Completely and Lifting the Blockade Imposed on Land, Air and Sea Is a right For the Yemeni People And Is Not a Favor From Anyo

His Excellency Marshal/ Mahdi Al-Mashat, President of the Supreme Political Council, met on 16th of Sha'aban 1444 with the Minister of Transport- Abdul Wahhab Al-Durra, and the Chairman of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader.

During the meeting, they discussed the obstacles created by the countries of the American-Saudi aggression and the United Nations, which express their policy of continuing the siege that has been imposed on the Yemeni people and doubling their suffering.

President Al-Mashat stressed that the complete opening of Sana'a airport and the seaport of Hodeidah and lifting the  land, air and sea blockad is a right for the Yemeni people and is not a favor from anyone.

He said: "We will not allow the continuation of the blockade and the restriction of flights to and from Sana'a International Airport, and if the blockade continues, we will take the necessary steps to lift it of our people."

His Excellency the President alsp indicated that the American military presence and any other foreign presence in Yemen is a temporary occupation, and they will get out of it willingly or unwillingly, and that the Yemeni people will not make all these sacrifices to accept the infringement of one atom of the soil of their land, or one drop of their sea water, and that the coasts of Yemen and its islands will remain an exclusive right for the Yemenis.”

He added, "Let the traitors in the occupied territories know that no matter how much they are the mounts of the Americans, they will end up as the mounts of the Americans in Vietnam and Afghanistan."


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