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Deputy Chairman Calls On United Nations To Oblige the Coalition and Its Mercenaries To Allow Operation of Sana'a Airport

The Deputy Chairman of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority- Raed Jabal, called on the United Nations to take a binding position for the aggression coalition and its mercenaries to allow the operation of Sana'a airport to all destinations, and to all local and international airlines without restriction or condition. As the airport is only outlet for patients and those in need of travel.

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), the Deputy Chairman indicated that the death of the traveler- Maryam Hammoud Hadi, at Sana'a airport, who was on her way on 14th July 2023 for medical treatment in Jordanian hospitals, is one of dozens of daily deaths in the country. As a result of the aggression coalition continuing to close Sana'a airport.

He also pointed out that since the start of the coalition aggression and its war and siege on Yemen, Sana'a Airport was one of the outlets that they were keen to block in front of the Yemeni people, and is still today; Despite the passage of a year and a half of the truce, it imposes restrictions on Yemeni airspace and airports, and prevents airlines from operating transport to and from Sana'a airport, despite the readiness of the airport, and the desire of a number of companies to operate from Sana'a airport.

The Deputy Jabal, explained that three or six flights per week from Sana'a airport do not serve the minimum needs of the Yemeni people.. indicating that any measure or restrictions on the airport by the coalition aggression is inconsistent with international laws that guarantee the rights of travel and movement for all citizens.

He also demanded the rapid opening of Sana'a International Airport to all domestic and international airlines, and to all destinations, as well as the neutralization of Yemeni airlines. As the national carrier of the Republic of Yemen, it provides its services to the Yemeni people completely without prejudice or discrimination, and operates from Sana'a airport to all destinations without restriction or condition.

He expressed his regret at what Yemeni Airlines is doing in terms of reducing its flights to and from Sana'a airport without any justification, pointing out that the coalition aggression is implementing its unjust and deadly agenda against the Yemeni people through its mercenaries in an open and binding manner.


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