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Creativity and Innovation Committee in Civil Aviation and Meteorology Holds Its Fourth Meeting

Abdulkader- Chairman of CAMA- Chairman of the Committee with the presence of CAMA’s Deputy Chairman- Mr. Raed Talib Jabal, Assistant Deputies Chairman of CAMA, Consultants and Directors Genera- members of the Committee and its Secretariat. In the meeting, the Chairman of CAMA pointed out to the importance of encouraging all the employees of CAMA to present creative and developmental ideas to boost CAMA’s work and improve its services in line with the national vision for building the New Yemeni State in which the seventh axle came to emphasize the need to support the developmental and creative ideas to improve businesses and services.

The Chairman of CAMA stressed that the Committee has received several developmental and creative ideas that were referred to what has been discussed for studying and development and is expected to succeed in the testing phases and to ensure that these ideas achieve the goals of the creativity and innovation system in civil aviation and meteorology. He also stressed on the interest of the ideas presented, whether they are developmental or creative.

After that, the Committee’s Secretariat presented a presentation of the Committee’s most important achievements for the last year 2019 and reviewing the minutes of the previous meeting as well as reviewing the level of achievement of the ideas study and development team that were referred to be studied. The new ideas received by the system were listed during the last period. This was followed by a presentation of the report submitted by the Study and Development Committee of the idea that was presented and titled (Electronic and Electrical Systems Remote Control and Knowledge of the Surrounding Environmental Conditions), after which the report was discussed by the members who expressed their approval of the idea and its success to get the estimate it deserves in accordance with the evaluation form prepared for that.

The Committee also reviewed the idea presented to the system titled “The Introduction of Automatic Met. Observation Stations” which will expand the range of obtaining the meteorological information at a lower cost. In the meantime, the Committee approved the referral of the idea to a team to be studies and developed headed by the Asst. Deputy Chairman of Meteorology Sector, the membership of the idea’s proposer and specialists from Meteorology Sector.

The Committee also arranged a date for the next meeting to complete the study of the rest of the creative ideas presented.


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