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Conclusion of Smart Modeling In Early Warning In Agricultural Meteorology

On 12th of August 2023, Meteorology Sector concluded a training course on smart modeling in early warning in agricultural meteorology and its applications, organized by the sector in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization "FAO" and the European Union.

The course aimed, in five days, to provide 17 participants from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, the Food Security Secretariat at the Ministry of Planning, and the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority, with scientific and practical knowledge about benefiting from weather and climate information and linking them to agricultural development to raise the agricultural production and preserve the agricultural crops.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader, stressed on the importance of developing the capabilities of the meteorological sector cadres through qualification and qualitative training in the fields of agricultural development.

He referred to the services, information and accurate meteorological data provided by the meteorological sector to the local community, with the aim of protecting lives and preserving property in general.

Abdulkader expressed the hope that the participants would have benefited from the course and apply what they learned in reality, in a way that contributes to providing services to the community, pointing to the climate changes currently taking place and the interest in knowing them through meteorology.

In turn, the Assistant Deputy Chairman for the Meteorological Sector- Eng. Muhammad Saeed Hamid, indicated that the course is important in developing the capabilities of the trained cadres on smart modeling in early warning.

He praised the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and joint cooperation in the field of promoting and developing the meteorological sector.

Meanwhile, the official in charge of agricultural affairs at the FAO- Dr. Libanda, praised the level of cooperation between the Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology and the FAO in the climatic and agricultural fields and the protection of citizens from the risks that may affect them.

He also pointed to the role of the meteorological sector through early warning through the bulletins it issues daily in saving lives and property.

He touched on the future cooperation between the FAO and the Civil Aviation Authority represented by the meteorological sector, and the possibility of establishing a special unit for agricultural meteorology.


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