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Conclusion of Anti-corruption Awareness and Training Programme at Ministry of Transport

The Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption (SNACC) together with the Ministry of Transport organized a conclusion ceremony on 21st December 2020 for the events of the Awareness and Training Programme that was executed by the SNACC over a period of three months to enhance transparency, integrity, combating corruption and preventing it in the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated Authorities and Corporations.

At the closing ceremony that was executed within the framework of the National Vision to build the New State of Yemen, during the period from 5th October to 21st December 2020, the Deputy Prime Minister for Services and Development Affairs- Dr. Hussein Maghbouli considered that the manifestations of corruption are among the biggest challenges facing every serious effort and impeding every work that seeks to reach the ranks of success, stressing the importance of intensifying awareness of the need to combat corruption, as it is the most serious threat to construction, development and stability.

He said: "The September 21st Revolution explicitly declared its position rejecting all manifestations of corruption, despite the fact that the available resources today are not the same as the previous resources that used to be allocated for the Institutions, Authorities and Ministries, which have been diminished as a result of the aggression, unfair blockade and the economic war waged against the Yemeni people and their national economy." Dr. Maghbouli praised what was achieved by the Awareness and Training Program executed by SNACC and the Ministry of Transport, considering that the work according to these programs puts everyone on the first way to contribute to educating everyone about the manifestations of disorder and corruption so that everyone gains the necessary immunity against the penetration of corruption's methods.

He also pointed out that such program and activity provides the country with a map for safe and sound paths that prevent any slipping towards the dangers of corruption or even being silent on it, expressing his hope that such efforts will continue in order to build Yemen and in the face of any distortions or manifestations of corruption.

For his part, the Chairman of the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption, Dr. Mohammad Al-Ghashm, affirmed that SNACC's interest in extending the bridges of partnership in the efforts aiming to enhance transparency, integrity, combating corruption and preventing it, comes within the framework of the general orientation of the State, the directions of the Leader of the Revolution and the President of the Supreme Political Council.

He also explained that the fight against corruption needs effective partnership, serious and sincere work, and that promoting the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability, combating corruption and preventing it is not the responsibility of the Control Agencies alone, but rather it is a joint public responsibility in which the efforts of all segments of society, State's Institutions, the private Sector and civil society organizations must be combined.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Ghashem considered the program executed by the SNACC in the Ministry of Transport, a clear embodiment of integration and partnership between the parties of the National Integrity System, and reflects the keenness to achieve many lofty goals, foremost raising public awareness of the values ​​of transparency, integrity, accountability, risks of corruption and the importance of combating it among the employees of the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities, and strive to strengthen the integrity and transparency systems, and to mobilize the employees' determination and create convictions in them of the importance of playing a positive role in combating and preventing corruption.

He stated that the program also sought to provide an example in terms of transparency, integrity, preservation of public money and the State's capabilities, and to build a sustainable training team in the Ministry of Transport in the field of transparency, accountability, anti-corruption and the principles of good governance, in a manner that confirms everyone's determination to move towards achieving the goals and contents of the National Vision For Building The New State of Yemen, especially with regard to transparency, integrity and fighting corruption.

The Chairman of SNACC indicated that this program is the Firstlings of the awareness programs that SNACC will execute  with other authorities, praising the leadership of the Ministry of Transport for its fruitful cooperation with SNACC in organizing the program, including the efforts of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation.

In the meantime, H.E. the Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami affirmed that the Ministry and its affiliated authorities and institutions had came out  from the Awareness and Training Program with fruitful and positive results in combating and preventing corruption, considering that "prevention is better than cure". He also called on the rest of the ministries and governmental institutions to go through this successful experience and create a partnership with the SNACC within the framework of the National Vision for Building the Modern State of Yemen with the aim of advancing the future and present of the homeland. The Minister- Al-Shami said: "The corrupt official in the State is much more dangerous to the nation than the ordinary employee because he seeks to corrupt the "tillage and offspring together, and we all as officials, from the highest official in the State to the lowest must be an example to others in terms of behavior and morals in fighting corruption in all its forms."He added: “Whoever practices corruption will have miserable consequences, and his destiny will be humiliation, insult and shame in this world before the Hereafter” stressing on the importance of overcoming the wrong cultures that reinforce corruption, and the need to spread a culture of fighting it as it is a scourge that destroys the individual, society and homelands. The Minister of Transport also stated that one of the comprehensive awareness program's objectives to enhancing transparency and integrity, fight corruption and prevent it from the Ministry and its affiliated authorities and institutions, is to fight corruption, strengthen and develop the Transport Sectors, their authorities and institutions, in order to meet the future aspirations and advance this vital important sector. He stated that the program included many activities, events, seminars and working papers related to how to uncover and eradicate corruption in the administrative and financial aspects, pointing out that the administrative corruption is the basis of financial corruption. Minister- Al-Shami affirmed that the Ministry of Transport's partnership with the SNACC continues to enhance transparency and integrity and fight this malicious scourge that the Islamic religion has urged to fight due to its negative effects on the individual and society, indicating that the Ministry, with its sectors, authorities and institutions, is a forerunner among the rest of the ministries and governmental institutions in executing the awareness program in partnership with SNACC and it will apply its recommendations, outputs and will be applied on the practical, technical, administrative and financial reality/ground. And he indicated that the anti-corruption awareness program targeted (235) employees at the Ministry of Transport’s head office, its affiliated authorities and institutions, and focused on the employees of the financial and administrative aspects, public tenders and stores; indicating that the ministry seeks to consolidate the foundations of partnership in the efforts of enhancing transparency, integrity and fighting corruption, in implementation of the directions of the Revolutionary Leadership and the Supreme Political Council .  In turn, the Secretary General of the Supreme Political Council- Dr. Yasser Al-Houri, said that the country today is facing a difficult task, which is building the New Yemeni State within the framework of the National Vision, which is the comprehensive approach to building the State; indicating that the national vision requires many procedures and tasks through which the New State will be established and in order to achieve this, the implementation of the vision will face many implications that will become apparent over time.He also considered the implementation of the awareness and training program to combat corruption in the Ministry of Transport confirmed that the Supreme Political Council is proceeding steadfastly and resolutely in executing the National Vision, indicating that there are many requirements for the execution of the National Vision, which requires everyone to meet the aspirations. Dr. Al-Houri stressed on the importance of transparency and clarity from the various authorities to reveal to the nation what they have achieved during the year 2020 within the framework of the National Vision to build the modern Yemeni state, praising the awareness and training program executed by SNACC and the Ministry of Transport for a period of more than 11 weeks, which will create a change in the values, determination, methodology and concepts.He added: "We have noticed many gaps in our administrative and legislative system, but we do not want to carry out random and conflicting reforms. Therefore, we hope that planning for year 2021 will be within the programs and projects’ framework that can be executed after a complete study with focusing and continuation in the institutional building, legislative reform, capacity building and use of technology".The Secretary of the Supreme Political Council expressed his hope that all ministries would follow the Ministry of Transport in executing such awareness and training programs in the field of combating corruption at reasonable and acceptable costs, especially in light of the financial difficulties faced by the State, in order to accomplish achievements in the framework of fighting corruption and preventing it. He also affirmed the determination of the State's Leadership to overcome all gaps and problems despite some errors and improper practices, pointing to the importance of clarity and transparency in handling errors and that all leaders have high competence and courage to uncover any errors and their causes.In the ceremony, which was attended by the Minister of State for Parliamentary and Shura Affairs- Dr. Ali Abu Holaiqa, a number of members of SNACC, member of the Parliament- Dr. Abdul-Bari Doghish, Deputy Ministers, leaders and employees of the Ministry of Transport, the Chairman of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation- Captain/ Mohammad Abu Bakr Ishaq, Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Mr. Raed Jabal, and representatives of the National Integrity System, a poem was delivered by the poet/ Ms. Wafa Al-Omari.The ceremony also included an operetta entitled "Living Conscience in Fighting Corruption", which included artistic sketches expressing the importance of community participation in anti-corruption efforts and prevention, carried out by the artistic band at the Ministry of Culture, in addition to a reportage presentation on the activities and events included in the awareness program at the Ministry of Transport, displaying TV flashes and awareness brochures that were executed during the program. In conclusion, the participants in the program’s events and activities, the program’s preparation team at the Ministry of Transport, and those who contributed to the success of the program’s activities were honored.


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