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Civil Aviation Authority Launches Second Campaign To Educate the Public About Their Rights

The Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority launched the second national campaign to educate and raise awareness among the traveling public about their rights and travel laws and procedures to ensure the improvement of air transport services.

At the launch of the month-long campaign, Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader- Chairman of CAMA, indicated that the launch of the second phase of the air transport services consumer education campaign comes after the positive results achieved during the first phase of the campaign launched by the Authority last year.

He stressed the keenness of the Authority’s leadership to spread and enhance the culture of travel and educate the traveling public about their legal obligations and rights during air travel, which will be reflected in the quality of services provided and facilitate any difficulties the traveler may face.

For his part, the Authority’s Undersecretary- Raed Talib Jabal, indicated that the second phase of the campaign will highlight the general rights and duties of travelers while dealing with airlines and travel agencies.

He announced that the authority seeks through an initiative to raise the level of awareness among the public who travel by air and introduce them to the instructions and tips that shall be followed them before traveling to ensure their safety.

For his part, the Director of Air Transport at the Authority- Dr. Mazen Ghanem stressed that the campaign came within the framework of the Authority's directions towards improving the services provided to the passengers and preserving their rights and listening to their complaints.

In turn, the Authority's Media Director - Campaign Coordinator- Sultan Mahdi Faraj, explained that the second phase of the campaign will include educational messages and instructions on the procedures and rules of air travel through the official website, social media platforms, and audio-visual and written media to achieve the maximum possible spread of this campaign, which contributes to achieving its goals.

He also called on tourism and travel agencies and the various media to interact with what is published by the authority's media and to adopt media messages that contribute to enhancing the community's awareness of air travel procedures and laws.


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