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Chairman of CAMA Honors Four Pilots of Aviation Safety Sector

considering that as a great achievement and an important addition congratulating the pilots for achieving this excellence.

In his speech, Captain/ Mohammed Abdo- Director General of Operations, praised the presence of the Chairman of CAMA stressing on the importance of the existence of these pilots in Sector in addition to the engineers, legislators, Dispatchers and Licensees due to the importance and sensitivity of this Sector which represents the health of the body. Therefore, the Aviation Safety Sector is very important entity in civil aviation field and deserves full support at no matter what the cost is for the sake of safety. He also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Chairman of CAMA and Asst. Deputy Chairman of Aviation Safety Sector for their interest in human resources through training and qualifying especially in the field of aviation safety.  

At the end of the ceremony, the Chairman of CAMA honored the four pilots whose names are shown below:

  1. Captain/ Wassim Saidi
  2. Captain / Mohammed Aldib
  3. Captain/ Sadiq Morshed
  4. Captain/ Alaa Abdelkader

After that, the Chairman of CAMA congratulated the four pilots placing the badges on their shoulders.

The honoring ceremony was attended by Eng. Mohammed Hameed- Asst. Deputy Chairman of Meteorology Sector.


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