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Chairman of CAMA Discusses Mechanism of Renovating and Developing Sana'a International Airport

aspects of the airport, the mechanism of developing and updating it in accordance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).At the meeting, the Chairman stressed on the keenness to upgrade the level of air navigation services to prove to the world and the International Community the readiness of the airport, which the aggression coalition seeks to thwart in various ways and methods.He also clarified that CAMA and all its Sectors are committed to the conditions, regulations and rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), pointing out that CAMA had worked from the first glance of targeting the airport to keep it open providing its services continuously and with high readiness through technical and professional cadres that are highly qualified and have distinct experience in the field of civil aviation. He stressed that the aggression coalition prevents the entry of new systems and technical equipment to the country in order to cripple the civil aviation in Yemen in general and Sana'a International Airport in particular. On his part, the Director General of Sana'a International Airport- Mr. Khaled Al-Shayef said that the airport has overcome the difficulties and problems imposed by the aggression coalition by targeting the vital facilities and buildings at the airport, including the technical aspects that are considered as a link for domestic and international civil aviation. He praised the level of support provided by the Ministry of Transport and CAMA at various technical and professional levels for the continuation of the airport's work under such difficult conditions that are experienced by the country as a result of the aggression, blockade and closure of Sana'a airport. He expressed his regret of the UN and WHO disclaimer from operating medical air bridge for the chronic diseases that should have been inaugurated today from Sana'a International Airport. He also stressed that the patients hoped for good in the United Nations to save their lives which is getting worse by the day whereas the International Community has not moved to save more than 30 thousand patients with various chronic and intractable diseases.


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