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CAMI Concludes Airfield Maintenance and Operation Diploma

. During the conclusion ceremony, the Chairman of CAMA delivered a speech in which he indicated to the importance of such diploma as it is conducted for the first time and was prepared by the cadres of CAMA in accordance with the international standards and will raise the level of the electricity engineers in all the airports of the Republic. He also praised the efforts exerted to succeed the diploma by CAMI’s administration, the trainer and the participants wishing that such diploma has achieved its goals.  Meanwhile, the Chairman of CAMA stressed the interest of CAMA’s leadership in training and qualifying the technical and managerial cadres to boost the work highlighting on the importance of applying the information and knowledge gained from the course in the field and transferring the knowledge to their co-workers. After that, Dr. Naji Al-Sohmi- Director General of CAMI delivered a speech in which he praised the support and care of CAMA’s leadership in the Institute in addition to the efforts of all the participants, their notable attendance and high efficiency; indicating the importance of such diploma that was prepared by a number of CAMA’s highly qualified cadres which equals in its contents what is taught outside Yemen. He also urged the participants to effectively apply all what they have gained in their practical field.In turn, Eng. Mohammed Al-magrami delivered a speech on behalf of the trainers in which he thanked and appreciated the Chairman of CAMA for his interest in training and his presence in the conclusion ceremony; praising he great efforts of CAMA and CAMI’s management during the duration of the course which contributed in succeeding the diploma.


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