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CAMA Spokesman Considers UN Medical Bridge Death Bullet No Mercy Flights

He said: “we were waiting a chain of flights but unfortunately we were surprised by the request of transferring only (30) patients as such they are the ones who shoot the death bullet instead of the alleged flights of “mercy”. He added: “we need 13 years to transfer (32000) patients registered in the Lists of the Ministry of Transport in case of adopting the mechanism of transferring (7) patients in each flight”.

In the meantime, the spokesman stressed on behalf of CAMA that the mechanism of transferring only (7) patients by (4) flights will increase the suffering of the Yemeni people indicating that from 15 to 25 patients are dying every day because of their inability to travel abroad for medical treatment. Consequently, Dr. Al-Sofi demanded the UN and the Security Council to pressurize the countries of the aggression coalition to open Sana’a International Airport for all the Yemeni people without any conditions because the closure of the airport is considered as a violation to the international Law.        


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