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CAMA Participates in Cyber Security First National Conference

CAMA participated in the Cyber Security First National Conference in Yemen that was lately organized by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology with the cooperation of a number of concerned government authorities. During the conference, the Team of CAMA submitted a working paper titled “the Importance of Cyber Security for Civil Aviation and Meteorology” which obtained the 22nd rank among 80 working papers submitted by all the government and private authorities, institutions and the civil society.       

The conference aimed at knowing Yemen’s experience in the cyber security and the challenges facing it, plans of elevating it and coming out with a national strategic draft for the cyber security. 

The photo is for CAMA’s participating Team in the conference:

  • / Yasser Al-Aghbari- Director General of IT
  • Ahmed Al-Kohlani- Director of Air Traffic- Air Navigation Sector
  • / Mokhtar Al-Hamadi- Director of Networks and Information Security
  • / Huda Fakhir- Head of Systems Analysis and Design Section
  • / Lamees Farhan- Head of Website Management Section


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