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CAMA Launches Receiving of Complaints

on the tasks entrusted to Public Service, receiving complaints and the systems that were installed to facilitate and expedite the services provided by CAMA in addition to receiving the complaints on the telephone number:"775900004". The Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs also praised the development witnessed by CAMA in order to provide distinguished air navigation services by Yemeni cadres. He stressed that the rapid response by the Institutions to execute the orders of the H.E. President of the Supreme Political Council, reflects the keenness to combat corruption, promote transparency and proceed to build a "civil state" free from corruption and spoilers. "Despite the aggression, blockade and economic war waged by the aggression on our country, there is a strong will on the part of the employees working in the State's Institutions to develop and overcome the challenges," he said. For his part, the Minister of Transport confirmed that the launching of the service to receive the complaints and develop the public service comes in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Supreme Political Council to fight corruption. He also explained the work of CAMA and its services in the field of civil aviation and meteorology, pointing out that the public service was already in place and the mechanism of communication with the citizens has been updated to receive their complaints about the services of CAMA. Meanwhile he affirmed the ministry's keenness to provide the best services and fight corruption in the fields of transport. In turn, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader said that CAMA was receiving complaints, and is currently automating its work. He also stressed CAMA's willingness to develop and renovate its systems in line with the international requirements of the ICAO with high Yemeni cadres and expertise.


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