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CAMA Honors Sana’a International Airport Distinguished Employees on Occasion of Universal Labor Day

CAMA honored on 2nd May 2021 a number of the distinguished employees of Sana’a International Airport on the occasion of the Universal Labor Day. In the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader- Chairman of CAMA stressed on the importance of honoring the employees and its positive outcomes in boosting the performance level technically and professionally wise. He also pointed out that the honoring of the employees represents a great importance as an appreciation to the resilience of these technical and professional cadres in the face of the aggression since the first air raid which targeted the airport on the dawn of the 26th March 2015 violating all the international Laws and conventions.     

Meanwhile, he clarified that the workers in the airport have frustrated all the plots of the aggression which aimed to paralyze the air navigation movement in the airport through fixing and repairing the systems, equipment, telecommunication network, radars and infrastructure that were destroyed by the aggression. In addition to that, the Chairman of CAMA also stressed that the airport has highly level national, technical and professional cadres with distinguished experience in the field of civil aviation who contributed in preserving the operational and technical readiness of the airport and providing its air navigational services to the flights of the UN and its International and Humanitarian Organizations working in Yemen.       

In turn, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Raed Jabal praised the resilience and steadfastness of the airport’s employees at the different technical, professional and administrative areas in the face of the aggression since more than six years. He also stressed that CAMA is continuing the provision of all the aspects of support to enhance and develop the performance and boosting the civil aviation and keeping up with the international developments.  

In the meantime, the Director General of Sana’a International Airport- Khaled Al-Shayef praised the generous attention of CAMA’s Leadership in honoring the employees, stressing that we altogether going a head in enhancing, developing and modernizing all the technical, administrative and operational Directorates. After that, the Chairman and the Deputy of CAMA looked at the facilities of the airport and the work progress in them and checking the level of providing the air navigational and ground services to the flights of the UN, Humanitarian Organizations and its employees.       

The Chairman of CAMA took this opportunity to ensure the operational and technical readiness of the airport to receive all the civil, commercial, humanitarian and relief flights in accordance with the conditions and requirements of the international organizations and ICAO.   


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