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CAMA Honors Number of CAMA’s Employees

distinguished employees on the occasion of World Labor Day which coincides on 1st of May of each year.  

During the ceremony, the Chairman of CAMA praised the role of the employees’ of CAMA who contributed in overcoming the difficulties and continuing in work despite the exceptional conditions passed by CAMA as a result of the aggression on our country; drawing the attention that such honoring is the least that can be provided against their exerted efforts, steadfastness, solidarity and sacrifice in the field of work as well as their distinguished performance and discipline praising their efforts exerted to elevate the level of performance in spite of the exceptional conditions passed by our country in general and CAMA in particular.   

Meanwhile, the Chairman of CAMA stressed that CAMA pays great attention to its employees and labors of different specializations, sectors and airports to develop the work as required.


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