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CAMA Honors Firefighting Employees of Airports


Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader- Chairman of CAMA honored on this occasion the firefighting employees for their distinguished performance and exerted efforts to serve the air navigation. He indicated that such ceremony was cancelled due to the decisions of the Epidemic Combat Supreme Committee under the precautionary measures of confronting Coronavirus – COVID-19; praising the attention of Sana’a International Airport management and its keenness to honor and encourage its distinguished employees.  

He also stressed the importance of the role of the firefighters in the airports of the Republic and their efforts in extinguishing the fires of the aircraft that were targeted by the aggression air raids in the apron.

On his part, Mr. Raed Jabal- Deputy Chairman of CAMA pointed out that the honoring of the firefighting employees is the least obligation that can be provided to them because they are sacrificing their lives to save others. He also indicated that the labor, engineer and the technician are the basis of any successful work and all the development plans and accomplishments achieved by CAMA in the field of civil aviation and air navigation services are revolving around it.

In turn, Mr. Khaled Al-Shaef- Director General Sana’a International Airport stressed that the firefighting employees are working around the clock with a highly and professional readiness to confront any incident or accident either in the airport or its parameter.

Meanwhile, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of CAMA looked at the work progress in the Firefighting Directorate and the range of readiness to execute the assigned tasks. The visit was accompanied by Mr. Yahya Al-Kohlani- Asst. Deputy Chairman of Airports’ Sector, Dr. Mazen Ghanem- Director General of Air Transport and Mr. Saleh Al-Ahjuri- Director General of Firefighting.  


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