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CAMA Holds Workshop on Weather Forecasting Operations and Climate Analysis Skills

Agricultural Researches General Authority.

 The workshop, which is came within the European Union-Funded Program for the Promotion of Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods, aims to provide 20 participants from the Meteorological Sector's technicians and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation with a number of skills, knowledge and expertise on the basic skills of providing meteorological services for international air navigation , forecasting of agricultural weather conditions, preliminary principles of marine meteorology, responsibility for safety in forecasting for the public and the role of the official media, distribution of equipment in the field and method of compensation, as well as information on climate and weather in Yemen and how to analyze topography data , in addition to predicting the impact, knowledge and skills required in the field of weather forecasting for aviation, early warning system and air disturbances.

At the opening of the workshop, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader stressed on the importance of this workshop to qualifying and training the cadres of CAMA, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Researches General Authority and to build their capabilities so that they can perform their duties as required internationally and not only locally. He pointed out that there are currently (8) meteorological stations working well in addition to a marine station. He also said that in the coming period in cooperation with the FAO, the rehabilitation of 41 other stations will be made aiming at obtaining the data and thus access to information and analyzing them accurately through which the right decisions will be made, whether in the field of early warning or meteorology or small farmers and other fields.

Meanwhile, he pointed out to the importance of holding such workshops for the cadres of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Researches in order to perform their work in a professional manner to provide better service at the local level to all sectors and the international community. He called on the participants to take advantage of the workshop outputs and apply the skills and information they will receive on the ground.

During the opening ceremony, a number of speeches were delivered by the Asst. Deputy Chairman of Meteorological Sector Eng. Mohammed Hameed and Mr. Bellho Njissi on behalf of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Head of the Food Security Secretariat at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation- Dr. Abdel Wahed Mukred which referred to the importance of such workshop to provide the participants with the necessary skills and expertise in the field of climate forecasts to deliver a humanitarian message and a great service to the targeted authorities which aims to save the lives and avoid the hazards and fears through the early warning system based on these information. They also stressed that the availability of information is deemed as a force and a support to work and whenever the information is realistic and accurate, good and useful decisions could be taken that touch the reality and needs.

In the meantime, they notified the importance of the availability of data to obtain accurate and realistic information, pointing out that the data are taken from the various meteorological stations to be converted into information and therefore used in decision-making processes.

Moreover, they indicted the importance of climate data for small farmers or commercial farmers to increase the agricultural production, stressing on the importance of establishing an early warning system in Yemen in the fields of agriculture, sea disturbances and various disasters that we are suffering from time to time by using climate inputs.


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