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CAMA Convenes Workshop on Drafting Its Strategic Plan
CAMA convened on 24th February 2021 a workshop on drafting the strategic plan of CAMA 2021- 2025 and its harmony with the strategic plans of the concerned international organizations as a translation to the National Vision of Building the Modern State of Yemen. The workshop aimed to come out with drafting the strategy, its goals and preparing the document in accordance with the national vision to contribute in developing and updating the work of CAMA in accordance with the international requirements of ICAO and WMO.  
The workshop focused on drafting the main vision of CAMA, its task, values, principles and mission which would make it keep up with the new developments that are applied worldwide in the field of civil aviation. In the workshop, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader stressed on the importance of strategic planning aiming to modernize and develop the work of CAMA in accordance with the international requirements and conditions issued by ICAO and WMO. He also indicated that the workshop tackled the document of the strategic plan of which the vision, mission, values, current situation analysis, the executive plan of projects and budgets that were included in the national vision of building the modern state of Yemen. 
Meanwhile, he notified that CAMA have tied associations with the international organizations such as the ICAO and WMO, stressing on taking into consideration the strategies of these organizations that shall comprehended within the strategic plan and connecting and associating it to be coherent with the international condition. He also mentioned that CAMA is working on enhancing the flight safety over the FIR of the Republic of Yemen, preciseness of the air navigation services, keeping up with the ICAO’s standards, accuracy of the weather meteorology services, improving the infrastructure and readiness of the airports.   
The workshop was attended by the Asst. Deputy Chairman for Meteorology Sector- Eng. Mohammed Hamid, Asst. Deputy Chairman for Airports Sector- Mr. Yahya Al-Kohlani, Director General of Sana’a International Airport, Director General of Air Transport, Director General of Strategic Planning and Quality Audit and Dean of CAMI.  


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