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CAMA Conducts Workshop to Discuss Final Achievement Report of CAMA’s Work Plan for Year 2019

year 2019 in the presence of the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader, Mr. RaedTalibJabal- Deputy Chairman of CAMA, Asst. Deputies Chairman and Directors General of CAMA.

During the workshop, the Chairman of CAMA praised the work team from the Directorate General of Strategic Planning & Quality Control for their exerted efforts in presentation and analysis presented by them as well as the efforts exerted by the Sectors and Directorates General of CAMA aiming at improving the performance and raising the level of achievement; stressing on the importance of continuing the performance, enhancing the positives, establishing the suitable solutions andremedies for the difficulties that impede the non-execution of the goals.

This was followed by a presentation delivered by Mr. Hashim Abdulkader- Director General of Strategic Planning & Quality Control through which he presented a briefing about the strategic planning, the work plan of 2020 and the current trend of CAMA’s leadership to make the strategic plan of 2021- 2025 pointing out to the importance of Institutional Capacities Building and Restructuring that one of its goals is considered to analyze and organize the activities in accordance with the main activities and the supporting activities to prevent the contradiction of interests and conflict of tasks and duties and the importance of such matter in improving the ability to establish and achieve the goals more efficiently and effectively.

Meanwhile, the workshop also presented a detailed chart presentation supported with the analytical and statistical data of the achievement level and the obstacles of execution at the level of each entity with the aim ofidentifying the obstacles and the problems which impede the execution of the some activities and goals included in the plan and discussing them with the concerned parties during the workshop for the proper recommendations were established in order to be avoided during the coming years so as to increase the achievements percentages.

At the end of the workshop, the Chairman of CAMA and Deputy Chairman honored the Directorates that achieved the highest percentage of achievements in the last year 2019, i.e. the Directorate General of Air Transport, Aviation Safety Sector and the Directorate General of Legal Affairs.


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