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CAMA Celebrates World Civil Aviation Day in Hodeidah International Airport

The Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA) celebrated the World Civil Aviation Day, which falls on the 7th of December of each year, with a speech event on 7/12/2022 in Hodeidah International Airport. In the event that was organized by CAMA in cooperation with the Local Authority in Hodeidah Governorate, the Governor- Mohammad Qohaim indicated that Yemen celebrates the World Civil Aviation Day from the wreckage of Hodeidah International Airport in particular, and the Homeland's airports in general.He also pointed out that the world celebrates this day in the airports, while the Yemeni citizen celebrates on the ruins and remains of airports, which were destroyed by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression's coalition, in addition to being prevented from traveling due to the blockade and ban imposed on the airports and seaports. Qohaim considered the destruction, siege and closure of Yemen's airports inconsistent with the international principles, norms and laws, stressing that the State will work to rebuild and rehabilitate the airports, rebuild and operate them to provide service to the humanitarian and civilian aspects.He also indicated that the leadership of the governorate and CAMA will make efforts to rehabilitate and operate Hodeidah Airport, which is one of the largest airports in the Middle East. The Governor of Hodeidah praised the army's victories on the various fronts which are confronting the aggression's forces and thwarting their attempts to occupy the homeland and looting its wealth.In the event, which was attended by the Deputy of the Governorate- Ali Al-Kabari and the Commander of the Coastal Defense- Major General/ Mohammed Al-Qadri, the Deputy Chairman of CAMA- Raed Jabal, the Director of the Governorate’s Security- Major General/ Aziz Al-Jaradi, and the Director of Hodeidah Airport- Ahmed Tarish, a press conference was held during which the volume of the damages suffered by the Yemeni airports was reviewed, including Hodeidah International Airport, which was completely destroyed.



Meanwhile, a statement issued by the conference indicated that the damages of the entire airport's buildings and lounges, the tower, the firefighting and rescue stations, the electricity and control stations, the airport fence, the landing and take-off runways and the apron, amounted to a total cost of about $22 million and 450 thousand dollars. The statement, which was read by the Deputy Chairman- Raed Jabal, condemned the shameful international silence regarding the systematic destruction of the facilities and airports of the Republic of Yemen, in full view of the world.He also pointed out that the Civil Aviation Authority commemorates the 78th anniversary of the Civil Aviation International Day from among the wreckage of Hodeidah International Airport, which was destroyed by the aggression's forces, pointing out to the importance of Hodeidah Airport economically and socially for the Yemeni people and the services provided to the western part of the Republic of Yemen, with a capacity of 800,000 passengers annually. The statement also denounced the continuation of the blockade on the movement of passengers to and from the Republic of Yemen, explaining that three flights per week to and from Sana'a International Airport are not sufficient to meet the needs of the Yemenis to travel abroad.The statement also called on the United Nations and International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO) to fulfill their duties and assume their responsibilities towards the civil aviation violations in the Republic of Yemen, and to work in accordance with the rules and provisions of the international humanitarian law and human rights that approved the protection and preservation of the basic human rights. He also held the coalition aggression's countries fully responsible for all the damages to the infrastructure and the consequent deprivation and suffering of the Yemeni people. He called for lifting the restrictions on Sana’a International Airport and allowing the airlines to land at the airport and obliging the aggression's coalition to lift the air embargo on the western sector and open the Yemeni airspace completely.The statement also appreciated the keenness of the local authority in Hodeidah Governorate to restore the readiness and operation of Hodeidah airport, calling for more measures to preserve the lands and parameter of the airport. The event and the press conference were attended by the Director of Air Transport- Dr. Mazen Ghanem, the Assistant Director of Technical Affairs in the airport- Mohyiaddin Al-Dimashqi, and a number of directors of the executive offices in the governorate.


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