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CAMA Board of Directors Holds Its Periodical Meeting

aspects associated with enhancing the precautionary measures to confront the Coronavirus Pandemic at the airports of the Republic of Yemen. The meeting also discussed the decisions of CAMA’s Board of Directors concerning the international airports of the Republic of Yemen and the importance of applying them in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Committee for Combating Epidemics and ICAO aiming at protection of Coronavirus Pandemic.

Meanwhile, the meeting addressed the side effects of such pandemic on aviation sector which imposed restrictions on the flights that are overflying the Yemeni airspace because of this pandemic. In addition to that, they discussed the Performance Report of CAMA for year 2019 and the achievement level in the technical and professional fields of aviation, air navigation, air transport and meteorology sectors and the annual training plans for the current year at all the technical, professional, financial and administrative areas. The meeting that was attended by Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader- Chairman of CAMA also reviewed the organizational structure and the Regulatory Regulation of the Directorate General of Air navigation Systems.

During the meeting, the Minister of Transport stressed on the importance of strengthening the preventive measures to confront the virus at the airports of Yemen pointing out that the aggression coalition is seeking to bring and spread the pandemic in Yemen through intensifying the flights to the airports that are under the control of the Saudi- Emirati occupation. He also pointed out to the importance of coordinating with the Ministry of Health and the concerned authorities in the process of medical testing and control of all the passengers coming to the international airports of Yemen.

In turn, the Chairman of CAMA stressed on the keenness of CAMA to enhance and intensify efforts to increase the highest degrees of the precautionary measures at the airports based on the plan of the Supreme Committee for Combating Epidemics; pointing out that CAMA has worked on enhancing communication and coordination with the Ministry of Health and the concerned authorities to ensure taking the preventive measures to confront the virus. He also drew the attention that CAMA has taken many preceding precautionary steps that were circulated to all the international airports in Yemen and airlines to increase the medical readiness to confront the pandemic.            


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