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CAMA Board of Directors Holds Its FourthPeriodical Meeting for Year 2019

The meeting reviewed a number of important issues that were included in the Agenda of which discussing the report submitted by the Directorate General of Administrative Affairs related to local and external training courses for the period from January to December 2019 and the Annual Investment Programme Report submitted by the Directorate General of Planning & Projects in addition to the report submitted by Meteorology Sector regarding what have been achieved from the strategic plan of the Sector until December 2019.

The Board of Directors also reviewed the Council of Ministers Decision no. (64) for year 2019 concerning the parameters and principles of activating the work of the Board of Directors in the governmental authorities. In the meantime, the meeting looked at the working paper submitted by Aviation Safety Sector related to the efficiency and eligibility of the workers in the airports under Flight Safety Comprehensive Approach. The meeting was concluded by taking a number of decisions and recommendations on such issues.


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