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Batch 13 Air Transport Diploma Graduated From Civil Aviation Institute

The Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA) organized a graduation ceremony on 19th December 2020 for Air Transport Diploma- Batch(13) who graduated from the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Institute (CAMI). At the ceremony, H.E. Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs- Mahmoud Al-Junaid stressed that the strategy that is currently being pursued is represented in the Capacities Building and Institutional Reforms aimed at improving the level of performance. He also pointed to the importance of applying the knowledge contained in the diploma in the field of civil aviation and air transport.For his part, H.E. Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami affirmed the interest in the human element through capacities development and keeping pace with technology in the framework of building the New State of Yemen. He also indicated the need to pay attention to training and qualification in the strategic plan of CAMA for the coming year.  In turn, the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Muhammad Abdulkader stressed CAMA's interest in the training, especially technical training that serves civil aviation and meteorology. He also pointed out that the graduates from CAMA’s employees received information in the field of Air Transport, International Laws and Agreements related to air transport over a period of six months.

At the ceremony that was attended by the Governor of Socotra- Mr. Hashem Al-Socotri, the Asst. Deputy Chairman- Mr. Raed Taleb Jabal, Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Transport, Assistant Deputies of CAMA and the Director General of CAMI- Dr. Naji Al-Sohmi stressed the importance of Air Transport Diploma as it is one of the important fields of civil aviation; clarifying that the participants received (15) courses in the field Air transport.

For his part, Director General of Air Transport- Dr. Mazen Ghanem thanked the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and CAMA for their interest in qualifying the cadres aiming to develop the air transport sector.


The graduates’ speech that was delivered by Mr. Mohammad Al-Shami stressed the keenness to translate the information they received into practice. At the end of the ceremony, certificates were distributed to the graduates.



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