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An Expanded Meeting to Discuss the Midterm Report of the Executive Plan for 2019

Department for Strategic Planning and Quality Auditing.

in the meeting, the Chairman praised the efforts exerted by the sectors and general directorates  in order to improve performance and raise the level of achievement. He stressed the importance of continuing the performance and enhancing the positives and developing appropriate solutions and remedies for the difficulties that prevented the implementation of some goals.

The meeting reviewed the goals that have been implemented and the goals in progress . As well as review the obstacles  and problems that prevented the implementation of some of the activities included in the plan, the participants in the meeting put solutions  and appropriate suggestions to resolve obstacles to the implementation of goals and improve the performance of the plan.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees approved the final recommendations of the meeting, which will be implemented by the General Department of Strategic Planning and Quality Audit and to be reflected on the concerned authorities to complete the rest of the plan during the remain of the current year 2019.


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