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Air Medical Bridge- Bullet that Killed Patients Twice

Airport to Egypt and Jordan. More than three years of arbitrary closure of Sana’a International Airport by the Aggression threaten the life of thousands of patients who need medical care abroad due to the inability of treating them inside Yemen because of the aggressive blockade imposed by the Aggression and severe shortage of new medical devices, appliances and medicines.

This bridge represented a lightening hope which broadcasted life in the spirits of patients from whom about 20 – 30 cases die on a daily basis in accordance with the statement of the Ministry of Health but very fast their hopes vanished and suffering was intensified as a result of the flights stoppage for unknown reasons. It appears that the Aggression States did not allow more than what have been operated of such flights that carried only (30) patients to exploit the means of media to falsify the international community and the world that they responded to open the airport in front of the humanitarian cases but it was only another lie of their too manydeceptions.

Many patients consider the air medical bridge as “new lie of the year” which multiplied the worsening of their medical statuses and caused deterioration to their psychological cases. Meanwhile the patients who were met by the Yemeni News Agency (Sheba) indicated that it is that such an air bridge includes a great number of non- stoppage arriving and departing flights until achieving all the goals for which it was established, but what happened in the medical bridge that it was sufficient with operating only two flights to intensify the suffering of the patients. The patients also stressed that the Aggression is seeking their killing twice by the illusive bridge and creating the repeated obstacles whichdemonstrate that the international community has no intention to end the suffering of the Yemeni people.

On its side, the Ministry of Health stated that the WHO breached what has been agreed with it regarding the mechanism of transferring the patients and expressed its eccentricity of the WHO’s message which contained changes in the arrangements of the medical bridge and considered that as a violation of the necessary requirements for the medical evacuation cases; indicating that the number of the patients who are waiting to travel for medical treatment reaches more than 32000 a matter which exposes the life of a lot of them to the risk of death.

In the meantime, the Spokesman of CAMA- Dr. MazinGhanim stressed that the UN did not put a plan for the transfer of the registered 32000 patients clarifying that there are about 3000000 patients waiting the start of the flights. He also indicated that the launch of the medical bridge is unreal and blowing the truth and served as an ash dust on the eyes, neglecting the suffering of thousands of patients and a clear evasion by the UN and WHO to fulfill their obligations. Dr. Ghanim considers operating two flights only as bullet of death and not mercy flights. He said: “we were waiting a chain of consecutive to achieve the concept of the medical air bridge but we were surprised by the request of transferring only 30 patients, therefore they shoot the bullet of death instead of the alleged “mercy flights”. He added: “we need 13 years to transfer 32000 patients registered in the lists of the Ministry of Health if we adopt the mechanism of transferring (7) patients on each flight.

Such ridiculous play by the UN and its WHO in coordination with the Aggression States remains a crystal clear evidence of the range of playing and trafficking with the souls of the Yemeni people.     


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