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Acting Governor of Hodeidah Along With Deputy Director General of Hodeidah International Airport Inaugurate New Weather Meteorology Station

The new weather meteorology station that was inaugurated on 5th April 2021 aimed at providing the Weather Meteorology Center with the information and data of the climate and weather conditions on a 12 hour basis initially and submitting the information of the climate and weather forecasts related to agriculture, navigation, atmospheric pressure and other tasks. In the meantime, the Governor of Hodeidah- Mohammed Ghohaim praised CAMA’s keeping up with the technological developments by installing modern systems and equipment which enable it to execute its tasks.   

He also stressed the importance of opening the new station that will provide the data related to the daily climate and weather conditions on an automatic and easy manner.

In turn, the Director of Weather Meteorology at the airport- Eng. Solaiman Hajar pointed out that up to date reports of weather condition will be provided, in addition to the phenomena that are affecting the climate, winds’ speed and directions. He also clarified that among the tasks of the station that is covering an area which its diameter is 50km are the recording of the max. and min. temperature degrees and submitting the data automatically to the climate forecasting center.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Director of the Administrative Sciences National Institute- Dr. Ali Fekri and Head of Superficial Observation Section- Ammar Atiyah Omar.       


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