About Air Navigation

Air NavigationSector consistsof the FollowingDirectoratesGeneral Headed By Asst. Deputy Chairman:

1) Air TrafficDirectorate General

2) Air Navigation OperationsSupport Directorate General

3) Navigational SystemsDirectorate General

4) Navigational Information Directorate General

5) Air Navigation DirectorateGenera

Tasks& Responsibilitiesof Air Navigation Sector

 Provide air traffic servicesto all aircraft overflying the airspace of the Republicof Yemen and using itsairports by providinghigh standardized systems supported by new air navigation systemsand highly qualifiedpersonnel to ensure their operation on 24 hour basis.

 Provide supplementarynavigation servicessuch asCivil Aviation Manual in the Republicof Yemen, air navigation bulletinsand searchand rescue services.

 Coordination with the internal authoritiesusing the airspacesuch asmilitaryauthoritiesand centers that areprovidingair navigation servicesin the neighboringcountries.

P rocuring, operatingand maintaining the air navigation systems.

 Renovatingand developing the air navigation infrastructure to meet the increasingneeds of air transport movement and the rapidgrowth of air traffic in the region with the focuson the component of security and safety.

 Achieving the highest standards of air trafficfluidity in accordancewith the ICAOstandardsand requirements

Responsibilitiesand Dutiesof DirectoratesGeneral in Air Navigation Sector 

1) AirspaceManagement in Sana’aFIR. 

2) Providingair navigation servicesfor all air trafficmovement operatingin the FIRof Republic of Yemen andall itsairportsin accordancewith theICAOrequirementsand local regulationsof CAMA. 

3)Direct supervision on the work progressin all theair navigation unitsandworkingto execute the legislationsand regulationsrelated to air navigation activity. 

4 ) Providing the servicesrelated to managingair trafficmovement,regulatingair navigation telecommunications, flight information services, aviation proceduresand flight mapsdesign services, or anyother services coveringall phasesof operationsin accordancewith theinternational regulationsand systems. 

5 ) Regulatingand managingwire and wireless- Telecom related to civil aviation in coordination with theconcerned authorities. 

6)ProvidingFlight Information services in accordancewith theinternational regulations and systems. 

7)Keeping the recordsof different daily telecom.

8)Implementingplansof developingair traffic control and aviation telecom systems to keep them up to date. 

9)Specifying thenecessary specifications to update theair traffic control, air navigation and telecom systems 

10) Specifyingair navigation routesand theregionswhereflying arebanned, restricted or hazardousincludingentryand exit pointsfrom thedesignated air navigation routesin coordination with theconcerned authorities. 

11)Coordinatingwith air traffic control centers in theneighboringcountries to ensure the safety of air navigation.

12) Specifying theneedsand specificationsof electronic telecom systems, air navigation and radar systemsand their maintenance.

13) Maintaining the air navigation aids, telecomand exploration systemsused in providingair navigation services. . 

14) Preparingstudies related to specifying theheightsof buildings, facilitiesand the obstacles that might affect air navigation and its signalsin coordination with the concerned authorities.

15) Participatingin thelocal, regional and international meetings, conferences, and seminars.

16) Preparing theannual reports

17) Preparing trainingplansand programsin coordination with the concerned administrative units.

18) Proposingfeesfor air navigation services. .

19) Controlling air traffic movement using the Yemeni airspaceduringtheir flightsfrom the airportsprecisely and securely on anhourly basis in accordancewith the proceduresand regulationsfollowed by ICAOto avoid aircraft crashesduringflying.

20) Issuingnavigational bulletinsanddisseminating them to theconcerned authorities based on their needs.

21) Issuingnavigational mapsfor the civil airports in theState, and issuing the navigational bulletins related to flight operationswithin theYemeni airspace.

22) Publishingflight information related to aviation affairsin accordancewith what is followed locally, regionally andinternationally.

23) Coordinatingwith theneighboringcountrieswith regard to dataandpublishing navigational information related to flight and air navigation safety. 24) Entering theupdated amendmentson the regular navigational publications.

25) Preparingandpublishing the information related to Flight InformationManual. 

26) Controlling andoperating/ runningall the electronic, navigational, telecom,radars systems to ensureefficient performancein accordancewith ICAO’sstandardsand making the necessary maintenance to achieve the highest degreesof security and safety to air navigation movement.

27) Preparingstudiesandspecifications requiredfor thenew navigational systemsand supervising their installation.

28) Preparingoperational manualsfor the air navigational units, updatingandfollowing their approval.

29) Reportingany violationsmadeby airlinesor any violations to the airspaceand preservingsovereignty.

30) Preparingemergencyplans to serve air traffic movement in accordancewith the model approved by the middleeast countries regionand exchangingthem with the neighboringregionsunder the supervision of ICAO.

31) Submitting theproposals related to recordingair navigation services level and means of attractingagreater number of airspaceusers.

32) Makingqualifyingand approval examinationsfor the air traffic controllers in the Republic of Yemen with the participationof the concerned Directoratein civil aviation sector and followingup the renewal of workinglicenseson aregular basis.

33) Doingregular workperformanceassessment for all theair navigational unitsand taking anyproper procedures to improve their performance.

34) Applyingquality and safety standardsin all theair navigation activities that are stipulated in the related international documentsand meeting the local regulations and systems.

35) Executingany other tasksanddutiesassigned by theChairman of CAMA.



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