Strategic Planning and Quality Audit General Directorate


Strategic Planning and Quality Directorate General Main Duties & Responsibilities


First: in the Field of Strategic Planning


  1. Prepare the strategic plan of CAMA by participation and coordination with all the Sectors and concerned Directorates of CAMA and supervising its execution and final drafting before submitting it to CAMA’s top management for approval.
  2. Prepare the basic rules for the operational plans (executive) that are taken from the strategic plan in coordination with the Sectors and General Directorates of CAMA before submitting them to the Chairman of CAMA for approval and provision of the required capabilities for execution.
  3. Provide the regular data and statistics of CAMA’s activity in coordination with the different administrative divisions which will assist decision makers to take proper strategic decisions.
  4. Prepare and develop measurement tools (Main Performance Indicators) to verify the success of plans’ and policies’ execution by discussing and coordinating with the concerned Directorates to comply with the strategic priorities prepared in the strategic plan of CAMA.
  5. Following up the concerned authorities to obtain the required data and information in order to attain the compliance in preparing the plans and the strategies in accordance with the State’s General Policy.
  6. Following up the plans, time schedules, programs, budgets, technical, financial and administrative Agreements and establishing work relationships with the concerned authorities to exchange information, conduct common programs, researches and training by benefiting from the visits outcomes and subscribe in international, regular, specialized and professional publications.



Second: in the Field of Quality Audit

  1. Prepare and develop procedures and regulations that ensure the progress of work in accordance with the ISO international specifications and standards in addition to managing, recording, distributing, and updating Manuals, procedures and Quality Standards.
  2. Proposing the development and updating the proper organizational structure for CAMA by reforming the roles, objectives, duties and responsibilities for each unit and/or division.
  3. Analyze the quantitative and non-quantitative information and data that will serve the spontaneous performance process, specifying the gabs that prevent the achievement of quality policies and submitting them to the Chairman of CAMA on a regular basis.    
  4. Supervising Quality Directorates and working teams in the Sectors and airports and coordinating with them in the execution of quality programs and policies.
  5. Coordinating the quality inspection procedures with the International and local quality assurance Institutes and Organizations in order to obtain and retain quality certificates.
  6. Spreading quality awareness and cultivation on all the administrative levels of CAMA, its airports and different concerned parties locally and internationally.

  1. Reviewing the current policies, systems and procedures of the services provided by CAMA that are to be developed and updated which will enable the Sectors and Directorates of CAMA to provide its services with high sufficiency and effectiveness by simple and transparent procedures with specific time schedules to reach the planned quality level.
  2.  Managing CAMA’s website in coordination with the IT Directorate to achieve integration in the administrative information systems which will serve planning and quality system management.  

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