Air Transport Regulation Training Course 2 Concludes

A training course on Air Transport Regulation No.2 was organized by CAMI Institute on 16th January 2019 under the supervision of CAMA's presidency for a number of air transport personnel was concluded on 16/01/2019 at the CAMI Institute.

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Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Public Works Discuss the Mechanism of Sana'a International Airport's Development and Modernization

A meeting on 31st of DEC 2018 was held in Sana'a attended by a number of ministers, i.e. H.E. Minister of Transport- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami, Minister of Public Works and Roads- Ghalib Mutlaq and Minister of Legal Affairs- Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Mukhtar in which they discussed the

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Supervised by Chairman of CAMA – CAMA Prepares Training Package in Field of Airfield Lighting Basics

Directorate General of Planning and Projects organized a ceremony on the occasion of completing the preparation of the training package titled "Airfield lighting Basics" that was prepared by the CAMA's engineers, trainers of Civil Aviation & Meteorology Institute (CAMI) and Sana'a

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Strategic Planning Training Course Concludes

A training course on strategic planning, organized by CAMA in cooperation with the National Administrative Sciences Institute, was concluded today in Sana'a on 27th Dec 2018.

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